Corfu Travel Guide - Greece

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

It’s summer time in Europe and I wanted to go to Greece, but decided to get away from the mainstream tourist destinations (such as Mykonos and Santorini) and explore something new. Corfu seemed like the perfect place as it is one of the most beautiful islands in the country and it is still quite unknown by a lot of tourists around the world.

As some of you may not know, Corfu is the greenest and most northern of the Greek islands and it was controlled by different countries throughout its history, such as Italy, France and Britain. It is located in the Ionian sea and it’s very close to Albania and Italy.

I spent almost 2 weeks there and below I will describe some of the activities I did while exploring the country, as well as show you some of the pictures I took, and hopefully motivate you to visit this beautiful island. For more pictures and tips you can follow me on Instagram! ;)


Where to stay

I stayed in the north of the Island, in an area called Sidari, which is popular among English tourists. It is one hour by bus to Corfu town and has, what I think, the most beautiful beaches. If you are young and looking to party, a famous destination is Kavos, but if you are looking for a more quiet place I would suggest Paleokastritsa.

Depending on the size of the group and your budget, you can rent a villa/flat or stay at an all inclusive hotel. In my case, I decided to have my own self-catering villa in a resort, and explore the food and restaurants around me. For these and more options you can check the TripAdvisor website.

What to eat

Greece is famous for its Tavernas, so don’t forget to check one out. The food that I normally ate there was different types of seafood, together with Tzatziki or a Saganaki style dish (which is made with baked cheese). Traditional desserts are these puffy balls with honey or chocolate called Loukoumades and Baklava. The Gyros and Lamb dishes are also popular.

You can also check for the restaurants that have a Greek night, which means you will experience a typical Greek celebration, which will seem like quite a touristic thing to do at first but is a fun way to see the plate smashing and local dancing.

What to do

There are many things you can do in Corfu, as it’s one of the most developed islands in Greece. If you want to be free to explore different sights, I would suggest renting a car. If you want to see more of your local surroundings you can also rent a scooter or a quad bike.

Apart from checking out some of the most beautiful beaches, you should take a day or two to explore Corfu city and the old town and visit the Esplanade, the Old Fortress and the Royal Palace. Going back to the beaches, it is easier to get to some of them by boat, but you can also reach a lot of them by car. Some of the most beautiful ones are Sidari (and the Canal D’Amour), Peroulades, Paleokastritsa, Kontogialos and Myrtiotissa.

You can also take a tour boat to other nearby Ionian Islands of Paxos and Antipaxos and see the Blue Caves, as well as Sivota and Blue Lagoon, or go to Parga, a city located on the Greek Mainland. Another option is to take a boat to Albania and see the city of Saranda.  There you can choose to stay around and enjoy the beach or take a tour to Butrint, which is an ancient town designated by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, followed by a visit to the castle of Ali Pasha built during the Ottoman Empire.

Another interesting activity is to rent your own boat on Corfu Island. You can have it for yourself for a whole day and ride it to as many places/beaches as you want and stop for a dive. I think it’s a great way to avoid the tourists and have more of a personal experience of the coast.

If you are not staying in Corfu town, you will notice that many of the villages have bars, clubs and restaurants. If you want to lay by the beach, you can always stay in one of the restaurant’s bungalows and order food or drinks.

For those of you who are more into sports, there are many hiking opportunities as Corfu has plenty trails through the mountains. It is also a great place to do scuba diving and water sports.


Some pictures from the trip: