GriwaRent - Review of Hotel / Apartment in Grindelwald, Switzerland

Hello beautiful people,

Today I would like to let you know a little bit about my experience staying at one of the hotels in Grindelwald - Switzerland. But before I do that, I would like to talk about this village, in case you haven’t already heard about this gorgeous place in the middle of the Swiss alps yet, and, of course, how to get there. A travel guide to this area will be up on the blog soon, so stay tuned!

Grindelwald is located in the Jungfrau region in Switzerland, about one hour from Bern, which is famous for its landscape and for having one of the best and biggest ski resorts in the country. This destination is not only perfect for winter but also for different times of the year, including summer, with many hiking and outdoor activities available, where you will always enjoy a stunning, photogenic scenery of the mountains.

For those of you looking to visit this area, it can be reached by car or train from virtually any airport in Switzerland. You can take a flight to Basel (which is what I did), Bern, Geneva, and Zurich, and the best company I can recommend for flights is Swiss Airlines.

Depending on the airport, you need to check how to get to the train station, and if you have to, change to another train that will lead you to Grindelwald. For example, if you get off at Basel airport, you will have to get a bus that runs every 10 minutes to the main city station, and from there take a train to Interlaken, then change to the one for Grindelwald. 

I also recommend renting a car if you can, which is what I did on my trip as it is a great way to explore the area.

Now let's talk about this beautiful apartment from GriwaRent that we stayed in during our visit to the area, which I am very excited to tell you about, as it is one of the best hotels in Grindelwald! And just so that you know, we were offered complimentary stay there, but all opinions are my own ;) For bookings, please visit their homepage.

Once you arrive in Grindelwald, you either check in at their main desk in the village center, or they will provide you with instructions on how to get the keys. As we arrived, we were received with a warm welcome by Michele, a member of their team (and on a side note - everyone in the team is so so nice, lovely and helpful!).

After receiving all the information we needed on their main location, we were then taken to our apartment, located a few minutes from the village center, and I cannot even express how happily surprised we were with the accommodation. The apartment we stayed in is a big typical Swiss chalet and it offers two private (covered) garage spots and a private room where we could leave our ski equipment downstairs.

As we went up the elevator and opened the door, we could not believe the view in front of us! And how big and open the space was - It was love at first sight haha. 

The whole place was nicely decorated, and, although it was open with high ceilings, it felt really cozy, especially with the wooden floors, effective heating system, and comfortable couches, bed and blankets.

We stayed at one of their 5 star 3 bedroom apartments and we had everything we needed in it - a large TV in the living room with many channels to choose from, a comfortable living area with a super comfortable couch, a modern fireplace, clean bedroom and bathroom linens, and all the utensils and modern amenities in the kitchen.

But let's go back to THAT view! Basically, the whole main area was covered by large glass windows where we could always be presented with that gorgeous view of the snowy wonderland mountains in front of us. And if you wanted to go outside, there was a big balcony where you could sit down or just enjoy the fresh mountain air and immerse in the alpine dream, and I can imagine that in the summer it would be the perfect place to get some sun and have a meal or glass of wine.

There was a large glass balcony door on the main bedroom too, and on the other two bedrooms, you would enjoy the view through its large windows. And, don’t worry, if you did get tired of the view or wanted more privacy or less light, you could automatically close the blinders just by pushing a button.

grindelwald apartment 2.jpeg

The apartment was located about a 15-minute walk to the main center (or a very short bus ride), where you can easily reach the trains, lifts and all the ski (and sledding!) slopes. The village also offers many restaurants and some bars, and make sure you try the local fondue and raclette!

GriwaRent is one of the main companies in the area that offers rooms, holiday flats, chalets and apartments for vacation renting. They have about 80 apartments, with different price ranges that may fit your budget, but I strongly recommend staying at one of their 5 star ones. It is the perfect kind of accommodation in the area to be honest, especially if you are traveling with a group, and you will enjoy all the privacy, comfort and amenities offered, experiencing the area the best way possible.

I was also able to visit four other 5 star apartments they have available in Grindelwald, and they were just as gorgeous and comfortable as the one I stayed in, each with its own style but still following a similar pattern and high standards. One of their luxury houses even had a whirlpool, sauna and leisure area right on the ground floor, which looked so amazing and, if you have the budget, definitely worth the money.

I also want to mention their customer service and team. They are so lovely and friendly, and they are definitely there to support you, which made my stay even more magical. 

In summary, as a whole, we had such an amazing and unforgettable experience staying at their apartment and in the area that I can recommend their apartment to anyone who wishes to visit the area, as they definitely offer one of the best accommodations in Grindelwald. Please note that they may have a 4-day minimum stay policy, but trust me you would need more than 4 days anyways to enjoy what this area has to offer. 

Just to let you guys know, the apartment I stayed in Grindelwald was called Silbersee, and the other four 5 stars accommodation that I got to visit are called Alpenblume top floor, Bareggblick, Delta and Princess. They all have different specifications, so make sure to contact GriwaRent for more information.

If you would like to book one of their beautiful rooms, holiday flats, chalets or apartments, please visit GriwaRent’s website.