How to Keep Fit While Traveling

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

Today I wanted to write about something that not a lot of us do when we travel: keep fit. Generally speaking, when we decide to embark on a trip, we leave all of our worries behind and forget about any diet, exercise routine or healthy lifestyle we had before. I used to be one of those people, and trust me, up until today I still have to remind myself that this is an important aspect of my life that I want to continue doing wherever I go.

I am one of those petit girls that did not use to gain much weight when younger, but as I got older my metabolism clearly slowed down and I can now easily gain extra kilos. To be honest, I still haven’t achieved my perfect body, but I am working on that. And keeping a healthy routine when I travel, and not just dive into the local cuisine and relax by the beach drinking as many mojitos I can, definitely helps me achieve my goals faster without having to start a diet all over again every time I come back home.

So below I am going to give you some advice on how to keep fit while you’re on a trip, and I can assure you it will bring many benefits to you both during and after your vacation, so don't forget to pack your sports' shoes (which I normally buy from here)!

Explore the local cuisine, but with moderation and consciousness

This is probably going to be one of the hardest things you have done when you are abroad. All that amazing food just waiting to be devoured just adds to the pleasure of traveling. Plus, I don’t know about you but for me it always feels like I get hungrier when I travel too. I am not saying that you shouldn’t try the local cuisine, but to balance it properly and make the right decisions. You will see that some country's cuisines are generally healthier than others, which makes it easier to make good choices. If you’re in Italy you most definitely should try the local pasta, pizza, or gelato, but instead of eating it 2 times a day, 7 days a week, just do it once a day and maybe three times a week for example. Obviously, this ratio will depend on your size, lifestyle and metabolism, but you get the idea. And in between these tasty caloric meals, you can also try the local salads or healthier options, which can taste just as good. Try to avoid the usual fast food and chain restaurants and aim for the local cafes and healthy joints, some of their food can be fantastic. Also, try to choose the options that don’t have that extra fat or carbs, and when you do, try to minimize it to as few times as possible.

Another thing is alcohol, which can make your calorie intake hit the ceiling. In this case, if you are used to drinking 5 drinks per day while on vacation, why not cut back to 1 or 2? I know this will sound cliche but you can have fun without alcohol and you'll survive without that extra buzz. Also, alcohol makes you tired so you end up not having as much energy to enjoy the rest of your trip. Instead, why not try the local juice made with local fruits? Coconut or sparkling water? I am just giving some examples here, but I do understand how some people feel about alcoholic beverages, as I love wine and beer as well and I can’t help to have it anywhere I go. All I am saying is that if you consume with moderation, you will avoid the hangover and feeling stuffed and tired, which will help you enjoy your trip even more.

Exercise once a day

This goal is another hard one to achieve when you are traveling. Especially when we already consider all the exploring as a type of exercise. You can indeed be considered an active traveler if your trip involves hiking, walking multiple miles per day, doing sports, etc. But if you are somewhat inactive while you travel, you should definitely take advantage of exercising once a day. It can be a 20 min jog around your hotel (which will also help you explore your surroundings), swim at the pool (if you have one), use the hotel gym (again if you have one), do some yoga, or just work out in the room for a couple of minutes. In this case, you can search for work out videos which can be used to motivate you or just turn the music on and dance around (that’s what I do sometimes I admit :) ). I am not asking for several hours but simply around 30 minutes each day and I can assure you that you'll have much more energy to enjoy your trip, and when you do have your relax time you won’t feel guilty of the calories you are taking in.

I understand that a lot of you need the vacation or trip to relax, and I am not saying you shouldn’t do so anywhere you go, but a few minutes of your day doing some activity does not mean your entire day, which can be spent relaxing - got it? ;)


In summary, when you make better eating choices and become a more active traveler you will realize that you will better enjoy your trip, will have more energy and disposition to explore the new place, will very likely be in a better mood, and will feel better about yourself during and after the trip - as you won’t have to worry about all the extra weight you gained and have regrets from your trip. 

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