How to Properly Pack Your Luggage/Bag

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

Over the years, I learned that traveling light is the best thing there is. I do occasionally miss taking some of my shoes or clothes, but that gives me the chance to buy something new in a new place as I will have an extra space that I normally wouldn’t have. Also, I hate having to carry any heavy weight and it’s always so stressful to make sure that my bags are not too heavy to be taken on a plane. Another aspect that forced me to pack light is that, when you travel through Europe, you can only bring a small free carry-on bag and I didn’t really feel like paying extra every time I would leave the city. So here is a checklist that you can always follow before you embark on a trip that will make your life easier when packing:

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First - check the weather and environment of the place you are going

If it is cold, rainy, summer and hot, humid, etc., you will have to make sure that you pack accordingly and bring that warmer jacket or mainly shorts and dresses to your trip. If it is going to be rainy don’t forget to bring an umbrella, or if you are going into nature, it is always good to bring insect repellents.

Bring clothes that match the season

For summer, make sure to pack a lot of whites and more colourful clothes, as well as flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, bikinis/swim trunks, etc. You don’t want to be wearing black when the temperature is 30 degrees plus outside (Celsius that is).

For the winter, pack more of your monochrome clothes, such as dark blue, gray, black and some white. Always bring a nice sweater, as well as stockings or socks to keep you warm. Boots and a neutral jacket is always good as well.

Always bring a white or black shirt/blouse and jeans

It doesn’t matter where you go, these two colours can be useful for different occasions. For the ladies, I would even recommend always bringing a black basic dress as it can be used during the day or for dinner. For the guys, I would say a nice white dress shirt is a great option to have.

Bring a maximum of 4 shoes

I know that, as a girl, this is hard to follow sometimes. But what I have been doing lately is bringing a flip flop to wear in the hotel or at the pool, 2 comfortable shoes for during the day, and a classy one for the evening with heels. Consider the clothes you are taking and bring the shoes that will match accordingly.

For the guys, the rule is basically the same, although they can even survive with 3 shoes: one pair of sandals, a comfortable one for during the day and exploring, and another dressy one for the evening.

Essential toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, toothpaste and toothbrush are the essential items. If you need to bring any kind of oil for the hair or other treatments that you need on a day to day basis, do so. Don’t forget that, if you are not checking in your bag, they cannot be above 100ml.

Other good items to bring are file, face cleaning wipes, sunscreen and a hair brush. Also, if you are taking any medication, don’t forget to pack that as well.

Essential electronics and accessories

Don’t forget to pack your camera and phone/ipad/computer (the latter only if you need to as they normally add considerable extra weight), charger for all the electronics, a headphone and a universal plug converter.

For the accessories it would be belts, sunglasses, watches, underwear, hat/cap, any jewelry and make-up.

Documents and entertainment

Last but not least, always remember to bring all your documents, such as passport, visas and flight and hotel information. A good source of entertainment is always good as well, such as an interesting book.

I hope this list helps you with not forgetting the main items next time you travel. Also, it is very important to pack only the essentials and items that you know you are definitely going to use on your trip. When you are packing, it helps when you fold and roll some of the clothes, keep the fragile items in the middle of your bag, and keep all the valuables on the carry-on bag with you.