2017 Travel Destination Bucket List

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

Gosh I can’t believe this year is almost over! Don’t you guys think it flew by so fast or is it just me? When I think back, I did go to some amazing places, but I still have so many others that I want to see. For that reason, I decided to create a list of the travel destinations that I would like to check out next year, and, at the same time, hopefully inspire you to start planning your next year’s travel itinerary as well! One great site I use for this is TripAdvisor.

PS: I have never been to most of the places I mentioned below, so if you have any further information about it and tips, feel free to share it on the comment's box. If I get to visit at least 50% of those by the end of next year I will be so so happy guys :) And don’t hesitate to share any other suggestion you may have and happy wanderlust to you all!

South Africa

Cape Town, go on a safari, do a wine tasting tour – there is so much you can do in this country that I just can’t wait to get on the first flight there!


It’s been way too long since the last time I was in Asia. Bali, Jakarta, Lombok, Ubud, to name a few of the places I would love to go... I have seen the pictures, read blog posts, and I just can’t wait to visit this country for the first time!


Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya – these are all places that I HAVE to visit next year in Turkey.


I just love Peruvians, they are such nice people! And it’s about time that I visit Machu Pichu, Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, gosh there is so much to see there! I just have to watch out with drinking Pisco again :), have you guys tried it already?

Costa Rica

One of the happiest places on earth! A country full of waterfalls, nature, beautiful beaches and great food – please take me there! :)


Even though I speak Portuguese and live not too far from it now I have never been to Portugal – shame on me! The food, the beaches, the history, it all sounds like I have been missing a lot.


I have always had Russian girl-friends and it’s about time to visit this beautiful country. I would probably start with St Petersburg and Moscow. Any tips on where to go there?


I would love to visit this country just because of its beautiful mountains, untouched places and the fact that it’s not one of the main tourist’s destination. What do you guys think?



Need I say more, just look at the picture below – simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


How does a mixture of turquoise beaches of Zanzibar and the views of Mount Kilimanjaro sound to you? I would say perfect ;)


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