Review: Hotel Sal Beach Club in Sal Island - Cape Verde

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

**This post may contain affiliate links, but I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't highly recommend for myself ;)

This December I went to beautiful Cape Verde for holidays and received a complimentary stay at the Sal Beach Club Hotel in Ilha do Sal (or Sal Island). For those of you who are not familiar with this country, Cape Verde is the most Western of the African nations and it is an archipelago of 10 islands located in the Atlantic. It has Portuguese and criollo heritage, and Sal is the most developed of the islands.

We also got to meet the owner, and, since he is an expat from England in Cape Verde, we will also be giving a bit of his background and the hotel’s story.

Here you will find my review of the Hotel Sal Beach Club; all opinions are my own. You can find Sal Beach Club hotel in TripAdvisor.

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The Hotel and its Expat Owner:

We had the chance to meet and have a conversation with Ken, who is a British national, while staying at the hotel, and talk a little bit about his experience living in Cape Verde. He told us that he had been to Cape Verde before he decided to settle there. He mentioned that he didn’t want to go to Spain or Greece, and wanted to try somewhere different. After finding this converted villa by a beautiful beach, he soon realised it would be a perfect spot for a restaurant and hotel, and Sal Beach Club was born. He finds life in Cape Verde a relaxed and stress free one, and a place you can enjoy world renowned water activities, such as kite surfing and diving.


The hotel is located on one of the nicest and popular parts of the island called Santa Maria. This is the main touristic area of Sal, where you will find most of the hotels, shops, the famous pier and the most beautiful beach spot (in my opinion), with its turquoise water and white sand.

The hotel is actually located right in front of the beach and you will have direct access to it, as well as enjoy views of the ocean from your room. It is also centrally located in Santa Maria, and you can easily walk to the cafes, restaurants, bars and stores in the area.


The hotel offers 3 large rooms that work more like 1 bedroom apartments, as the room is separated from the kitchen and living area. All rooms are located on the first floor of the building, and from the balcony you can appreciate a gorgeous view of the ocean.

As we opened the door to our room, we were presented with a large space, which we thought had a great size if you consider the cost of the room. However, as we got in we noticed that some of the linens and towels were a bit old and we also found that there were some areas of the place that needed fixing, such as the toilet. We also couldn’t figure out if the air conditioner was working as we couldn’t turn it on. These are all things that can easily be fixed and improved, and it seemed like the owner was taking measures to do so, as he had someone coming in before we checked out.

Another point that I wanted to mention is the balcony and the cleanliness of the space, as we wished it would have been more thorough.

On the ground floor you will find its popular restaurant and bar, which has great reviews among the locals and visitors, and that offers a mixture of comfort and English food.

We also noticed that there is no formal check-in area and that you mainly deal with the staff at the restaurant.

On the ground floor you will find an area where you can rent surfboards and book water related activities from the tent, which makes it very convenient to anyone who loves or wants to try them.

The overall theme and atmosphere of the place was a very relaxed, friendly and surf inspired one, where you can enjoy the beach, a good meal and watch live sports.

Customer Service:

Everyone from the Hotel was very friendly and relaxed. It was also a pleasure meeting Ken, who was very accommodating.

Overall Feedback:

In summary, you can’t deny that the location of the hotel is superb, as it is centrally positioned in Santa Maria and it is right there in front of one of the most beautiful beach areas in Sal. We thought that some of the amenities needed some improvement, but it was nothing that couldn’t easily be done and fixed. We also thought it was necessary to have an air conditioner working, and again this is something that can quickly be taken care of. We also found the view from the balcony an unforgettable one, which had a very positive impact on our experience. Overall, I think this is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, with the beach at your front door.

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