Liebster Award Nomination


I am so humble and grateful to Kristin @ The Girl Under Water and Jean @ A Spoonful of Travel for nominating me for the Liebster award! For those of you who don’t know about it, it is an online based award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It is a way to show support for fellow bloggers while allowing new blogs to be discovered and appreciated. Check out this post for more info and the official rules.


Who Nominated Me:

I was nominated by these beautiful and awesome ladies who run two unique travel blogs:

Kristin @ The Girl Under Water

Started almost 2 months ago, Kristin has been able to create great quality and interesting posts, with pictures that really catches your eyes. Her focus is on scuba diving and traveling as she loves the sea, and her aim is to inspire us to take some time to explore the incredibly beautiful seas around us.

Jean @ A Spoonful of Travel

Jean is an Irish girl who has a serious case of travel bug after setting off on a trip to Thailand. She is now inspiring us to explore the wonders of the world through her blog.



 A Little Bit About Myself:

I started blogging almost 5 months ago after deciding to pursue two of my greatest passions: travel and writing. As I have lived overseas for almost 10 years and have visited 50 countries up to date, I thought that starting a blog that is focused on traveling, expat living and lifestyle would be a great way to reach out to those who love exploring and wandering like I do.

I am overwhelmed with the feedback I’ve been receiving since then and I wanted to thank you all for your visits, likes, comments, shares – you guys have a special place in my heart! As part of the nomination, I have to answer 10 questions that one of the amazing bloggers who nominated me got together:


1.   What is your travel style? (Food, shopping, relaxed, luxury, adventure etc.)

I think I have many styles, but I mainly like to travel with comfort, enjoy the local cuisine and see the places I am visiting with a local standpoint. I love checking out those spots that not many tourists know of, get advice from locals and explore more of the off the beaten path. I still think that it is definitely worth checking the more touristic locations, but when I do I try to show it with a different and personal perspective.

2.   What is your dream destination?

My dream destination would be going to Fiji. I absolutely love the beach and Fiji is one of those places where you go on special occasions. It is located quite far from where I live as well so it’s not like I can reach it easily, that is why it’s been on my dream bucket list for a while now.

3.   If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be?

As an expat who lived in 4 different continents, which includes some really cool places (such as Rio, California, New York, Australia, Shanghai and currently London), it is hard to pick where I would really like to live. But I think one day I would love to move to the South of France for example, or somewhere a bit warmer and closer to the ocean.

4.   What is an ideal day like for you?

I believe I am already living my ideal life (as I finally found my dream career) and many of my days look like my ideal one. Any day where I am exploring a new place and connecting with people, taking photos then sharing my experiences – all of that sounds perfect to me and I am happy!

5.   What is your favorite topic to blog about?

I love sharing tips and inspire people to travel, so whenever I create a blog post related to it, the ideas come flowing. I also love to share my experiences living overseas and help those who would like to do the same.

6.   Who do you like to travel with?

My "partner in crime" and sweetheart is the best company I could ask for! I love sharing my travel experiences with him, especially because he lets me plan most of it hehe (I love planning trips!) and he’s the person that I feel the most comfortable with when taking pictures of me (I love the way he takes photos too and we learned a lot of the skills together). At the same time, I love traveling with friends as they always add a different angle to my usual ideas on where to go, what to see and when it comes to photos as well.

7.   What is one thing you are passionate about?

Unquestionably traveling. I can say there is nothing in this world that makes you richer and  grow as a person. Traveling has made me understand different points of view, appreciate the beauty of every part of this world we live in, connect to different cultures and overall make me the person that I am today – a true world citizen.

8.   Where is your favorite place to escape to?

Whenever I am stressed it is good to come back home and reconnect with myself again. My home is my sanctuary and where I can relax, let my hair down and be with those I love.

9.   What is one thing you would like to do but haven’t done yet?

I would love to go sky diving! I have done bungee jumping, rafting, scuba diving, etc but I would love to try that out, although as I am getting older I am becoming more scared of more extreme activities and I am often sticking to the safer bets– I am getting boring! :)

10.               What is your motivation to blog?

My motivation is just being able to share and inspire you guys! Trust me, I used to work on jobs that were extremely stressful and would always see traveling and writing as means to escape. One day after feeling unhappy with where my career was taking me, I decided to pursue what I am truly passionate about, so now motivation to wake up and share is never lacking!


My Nominees:

I would like to nominate these 3 beautiful blogs:

Hayley @ Life As a Butterfly

Niria @ Where’s Nuria

Rachel @ Follow Your Wander


My 10 Questions For My Nominees:

1.   What are you most grateful of in your life?

2.   What is your most favorite destination and why?

3.   Who do you like sharing your trips with or do you prefer to travel solo?

4.   Where are you going next or, if you don’t have a destination planned, where would you like to go?

5.   What do you like most about blogging?

6.   Who or what has inspired you to start a travel blog?

7.   What would be your biggest travel tip?

8.   What is the main focus on your blog?

9.   What advice would you give to other bloggers out there?

10.               What are you most scared of?